Bexel Adds Calrec’s Audio Consoles to New Flypacks

Flypacks were designed to meet the requirements for live coverage of middle- to upper-tier sporting events
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The new midrange line of live broadcast flypacks produced by Bexel, a global provider of broadcast services, will include the ‘Artemis Light’ audio consoles—produced by Calrec, a manufacturer of high quality audio products for broadcasters.

Bexel says it designed the flypacks to meet the requirements for live coverage of middle- to upper-tier sporting events. “In designing our new flypack line, we wanted to strike a balance between our entry-level ‘Element’ mini-flypacks and our high-end ‘Hercules’ system typically used for the highest profile, global-audience events,” said Tom Dickinson, Bexel’s chief technology officer. The Artemis Light is “the perfect solution for midrange six-to-15-camera productions,” he said.

“A large plus” supporting Bexel’s decision to incorporate the Artemis Light is its support of Dolby 5.1 since 5.1 is becoming a growing requirement for even smaller-scale live broadcasting, Dickinson said. In addition, the Artemis Light's built-in Hydra2 audio routing technology was another key reason for the console's inclusion in the new Bexel flypacks. With Hydra2’s plug-and-play architecture, broadcasters are able to share audio resources among multiple audio consoles quickly and easily.

In addition to featuring an Artemis Light console, each flypack will include a Sony MVS 7000x production switcher, an Evertz 128x128 router and multiviewer, and an RTS intercom system, Bexel says.