Belden Unveils Dual-Camera Cable for Advanced Formats, 3D

Sometimes things are so simple, they’re brilliant.
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Think a cable is just a cable? At Belden, the world leader in cables for broadcast and video, they’re making cable now with the kind of performance and consistency they could barely imagine 10 or 15 years ago.

Part of the reason, says Steve Lampen, the company’s multimedia technology manager, is computers doing the actual manufacturing, testing their own work 1,000 times a second, consistently making cables that carry data at up to 86 percent the speed of light.

They squeeze billions of nitrogen bubbles into the molten plastic that goes around cables, creating an insulating material that’s two-thirds air.

At the 2010 NAB Show, Belden showed some if its latest, including a dual-camera version of its workhorse Brilliance 1694A precision digital video cable, made of a pair of 1694A coaxes in a single construction. The new Brilliance 1694D works for dual-link 1080p/50-60 applications and for SDI, HD-SDI, 3D and 3D-HD video. The concept—fusing the two cables together in one easy-to-handle unit—isn’t all that complex, but it drew plenty of attention at NAB including a STAR Award from TV Technology.

"We put it in a jacket so you don’t have to," Lampen said. "Sometimes things are so simple you think they’re stupid, when in fact, they’re brilliant.”

Belden also has extended the reach of the Brilliance line with the 1794A, carrying 1080p/50-60 314 feet (96 meters) by the SMPTE formula, up from about 250 feet for the 1694A. But at the NAB Show, Belden sent 1080p/60 from a Grass Valley Trinix router all the way to the end of its test cable at 544 feet.

Belden also has a new super-rugged version of the 1694A. The 1694WB is designed for outdoor events, and direct burial applications and underwater shooting.

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Belden FiberExpress Brilliance Fiber Optic Connector The company also drew attention at NAB with a product to greatly simplify a time-consuming task. The new FiberExpress Brilliance Fiber Optic Connector, enables fiber terminations in five seconds or less, in just three simple steps:

* Insert the prepared fiber into the connector;
* Using the index finger, slide the connector’s switch-like activator toward the fiber to be terminated to bring about the splice/crimp;
* Slide the boot on the connector body.

The procedure requires no specific or proprietary installation tools and can be performed by staff without specialized fiber connectivity training.

The 2010 NAB Show also marked the first since Belden acquired Telecast Fiber Systems, maker of the CopperHead and several other fiber-optic systems for video. Lampen said changes to the company would be minimal for a while, and happen by "osmosis" rather than direct intervention.

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