Baltimore Shows Off New 'Experience Theater'

City encourages tourism with artful A/V
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The Baltimore Experience Theater is designed to give the best possible first impression of The City of Baltimore to visitors – inspiring them to explore all the history, attractions and places that are unique to city.

To achieve the “wow-factor,” CineMapping technology (also known as projection mapping) is used to create an environment that transcends ordinary video projection to produce an immersive, multi-dimensional experience. Specialized software, created by Camagine Design, is used to bend and warp the projected film to fit onto fabricated cubes that are installed on the walls of the theater. The film is controlled from a mobile tablet, giving the visitor center volunteers the ability to cue and play the film, as well as a special statement from Baltimore' mayor.

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The film plays every 15 minutes. During time between showings, a screen-saver mode displays updated images from around the city. Visitor center volunteers use the screen-saver environment to clue visitors in on places to go and see.

The film is designed to be dynamic and ever-evolving, adapting to reflect the true Baltimore Experience as the city moves into the future. The film's adaptability is important and perhaps one of the most exciting things about the technology used in this project – it means visitors will always be “in the know” on the latest and greatest things happening in Baltimore.


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