AVerMedia Makes ‘Flash App’ Free to Educators

The AVerVision Flash App integrates AVerMedia document cameras into popular classroom software.
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AVerMedia Information, Inc., a provider of digital multimedia, surveillance and presentation technology, launched its AVerVision Flash App, which integrates AVerMedia document cameras into popular classroom software, the company says in a written statement.

Using a free download, educators can fill their live AVerMedia document cameras with images onto interactive whiteboard software that provides a single convenient interface to control all aspects of their lesson plans, the firm says.

“AVerMedia is determined to stay ahead of the curve in providing solutions that enhance the teaching and learning experience,” said Eric Yu, the company’s director of product management. “Most document cameras on the market today either only integrate with a particular brand of interactive whiteboard or involve a complicated process to bring in mostly static images. The new AVerVision Flash App is the first fully-integrated interface that makes it easy for educators to connect and manage live document camera images or video from any Flash supported classroom technology. Now instead of learning and utilizing multiple interfaces, educators can use one single platform to capture, transmit and display their entire curriculum.”

The new AVerVision Flash App is compatible with both PC and MAC computers. Once a live document camera image or video is inserted, educators can annotate, resize and manipulate it as a natural part of their interactive whiteboard software. And of course they still have full control of the document camera, so they can zoom, rotate, focus and pause the live image easily, the firm says.

The AVerVision Flash App is available at no cost and is available for download. For more information about AVerMedia's Flash App, or other classroom presentation solutions, visit www.averusa.com or call toll free: 877-528-7824.