AverMedia Introduces Latest Video Conferencing Solutions

The H310 and H110 systems are said to offer “a new dimension of flexibility and convenience” to the company's video conferencing line.
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AverMedia Information, Inc., a provider of digital multimedia, surveillance and presentation technology, introduces its “H310” and “H110” solutions which offer “a new dimension of flexibility and convenience” to its video conferencing line, the company says in a written statement.

Featuring an innovative smartphone application, the new H310 and H110 can easily be controlled from anywhere through any iOS (operating system) or Android OS device. The systems are also packed with new features like wireless content sharing, live or off-line video recording, “high-definition multimedia interface” (HDMI) connectivity, RS-232 compatibility and more while maintaining the same crystal-clear HD resolution, 30fps and multi-party conferencing capabilities of the original H-series.

“The all new H310 and H110 were designed to offer incredible value while providing easy-to-use features, added content mobility and seamless integration into a variety of environments,” said Eric Yu, AVerMedia’s product management director for information. "Now every business and classroom has access to robust room-based video conferencing, allowing them to take a big leap forward into 21st century video communication,” he said.