Autoscript Provides ‘EPIC’ Teleprompter Choice

The all-in-one teleprompter and on-air talent monitor simplifies studio equipment while retaining the advanced features and functions of the firm’s LED prompter series
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Autoscript, a teleprompter producer, launched its Enhanced Prompting Imaging Centre (EPIC), all-in-one teleprompter and on-air talent monitor, that simplifies studio equipment while retaining the advanced features and functions of the firm’s LED prompter series.

Location prompting is made easier with the EPIC because it combines an on-air talent screen built into the prompter display that simply flips down to offer the perfect viewing angle, effectively allows a single piece of equipment to do the work of two, the company says. That simplified camera set-up makes installation easier and more practical, particularly when on-air talent monitors are required on location, Autoscript says.

Cable management is also easier, requiring just one power cable for the prompter and on-air monitor, while ClockPlus and TallyPlus are powered via the 12 VDC from the prompter, the company says. The video signal also loops through the prompter and that reduces power consumption, with the EPIC able to operate on just 60 watts by using the latest advances is switch mode PSUs, Autoscript says.

In addition the reduced weight of the overall system reduces counter-balance weight needs, which also broadens the compatibility range for support equipment including robotics, according to Autoscript.

The combined elements of the prompter and on-air monitor also provide economies of scale by reducing costs because with the EPIC it is not necessary to purchase two separate systems.

“Autoscript has led the way with major developments in prompting for both the scripting software systems and on-camera hardware systems, with industry firsts including prompters compatible with 16:9 camera applications, the increased clarity and brightness of LED prompter displays, and HD-SDI compatible prompters,” said Brian Larter, Autocript’s managing director. “The EPIC prompter system represents the next evolutionary step to making prompting simpler, both in the studio and in the field.”