Atlona Now Shipping AT-H2H-88M HDMI Matrix Switcher

Supports high-speed HDMI and digital multichannel audio
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Connectivity solutions company Atlona is shipping its AT-H2H-88M 8x8 high definition multimedia interface matrix switcher, which is designed for signal routing in professional installations.
The AT-H2H-88M includes features such as extended display identification data (EDID) management, Sony/Philips digital format (S/PDIF) audio loop outs, multiple control interfaces, in-field upgradable firmware and audio return channel.
The AT-H2H-88M adds “flexibility” to Atlona’s switcher lineup, the company says. It provides “the same advanced features to eight zones, accommodating the signal routing needs for larger projects within” organizational environments, according to Atlona.
The AT-H2H-88M’s EDID management ensures compatibility across multiple display types, sends communication between sources and displays and automatically provides a compatible EDID at start up, Atlona says. The unit also features a customizable learning function for connected components like AVRs, set-top boxes and TVs. In addition, S/PDIF port loop-outs allow audio distribution to zone amplifiers or audiovisual receivers within a rack, while the video signal is routed via the HDMI output to the zone display. The S/PDIF output supports digital audio signals up to Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1, the firm says.
With multiple control interfaces such as RS-232, IR and the front panel, which allows updates for transmission control protocol (TCP) / Internet protocol (IP) control through the unit’s Ethernet port, and its firmware port also allows for simpler upgrades, Atlona says.