ASIS International to Offer Classes in Violence Assessment and Management

Learn how to recognize and manage human threats.
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ASIS Internationalwill offer two seminars in Denver starting on April 7, 2014, on how to identify and manage lethal threats in the work environment. The two sessions are called Enhanced Violence Assessment and Management and Active Shooter: Prevention, Intervention, and Response. The sessions will teach proactive approaches to dealing with an ever-changing threat environment as well as rapid responses in keeping with today's best practices. There is a fee to attend these seminars.

Enhanced Violence Assessment and Management will discuss how to understand the development of violent thoughts and how they lead to the decision to take destructive action against others. The class will review legal concerns that pertain to gathering useful information as well as, when necessary, how to transmit it, as well as how and when to engage cognitive interviewing to gather accurate information from important sources. Assessment tools and their usefulness will be examined, and a variety of intervention methods will teach how and when to effectively apply them.

Active Shooter will examine the many aspects of this tragic topic. Beginning with an historical perspective and proceeding to learning telltale signs and flags that often present themselves but go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Learn the five phases of an active shooter incident, as well as tips on how to survive the critical gap between the first shot and when responders arrive. Review the role of law enforcement, the difference between an active shooter and a hostage taker, and what organizations should have in place now in the event they are unexpectedly confronted with an active shooter situation down the road. Best practices will be covered.

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