Army Orders 70 Model ‘310 SUGV’ Robots From iRobot

$11 million contract for 70 model 310 Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV) robots and spares’ kits.
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The U.S. Army has placed an order with iRobot Corp., a producer of robotic technology-based solutions, for 70 of the company’s model 310 Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV) robots and spares’ kits, a contract valued at $11 million.

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The order is the first under a new two-year requirements contract, which facilitates Army purchase of model 310 SUGV robots and spares.

The 310 SUGV is a smaller and lighter version of iRobot’s combat-proven PackBot, and is a man-portable robot that is being used to perform dismounted operations.

“iRobot is pleased that the Army is continuing to invest in SUGV,” said Robert Moses, iRobot’s president of its government and industrial robots division. “We receive feedback from end users on a regular basis and we know that SUGV is proving its worth every day on the battlefield. The robot’s light weight, durability and ease-of-use give our troops the upper hand as they carry out dangerous missions.”

iRobot has delivered more than 4,000 tactical mobile robots to military and civil defense forces worldwide.