Apache Trainers Upgraded With Christie Matrix StIM

10 helicopter simulators already retrofitted; eight more contracted throughout the year
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The Boeing Co. is using Christie Digital Matrix StIM simulation projection systems in its multimillion dollar program to upgrade an initial 18 Apache Longbow Crew Trainer (LCT) simulators. As of mid-September, 10 simulators have been completely retrofitted with additional LCTs contracted throughout the year.

In addition to its Night Vision Goggle (NVG) training capabilities, the Christie Matrix StIM was selected for the superior image quality, long life and low maintenance costs of the system, according to the Christie.

Deployed worldwide and used for in-theater training, the LCT is a full mission, high-fidelity flight simulator for the AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopter, providing training for individuals, crews and maintenance test pilots.

New image-generator technology allows for the display of realistic “out-the-window” scenes in real time. The trainer features two cockpits, one at either end of a transportable trailer, so the training pilot and co-pilot can fly in tandem. The cockpits utilize five screens each, for a total of 10 Christie Matrix StIM projectors per simulator.

Christie Matrix StIM is a true solid-state LED-based simulation projection system. It includes ArrayLOC to manage brightness, color and dark levels automatically; InfraScene to process infrared content for simultaneous display of both visible light and the infrared spectrum; and Minimum Processing Latency (MPL) to minimize transport delay from data processing to image display.