Anne Arundel County, Md.’s Secret Video System Being Probed

Former county executive deployed more than 500 cameras around county facilities
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The former county executive of Anne Arundel County, Md. had more than 500 video cameras secretly deployed throughout the county’s facilities, and a contractor was engaged to monitor those cameras and report findings directly to the county executive and not to police.
The secret video surveillance system was installed by former Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold, R, who resigned in disgrace in February, and current County Executive Laura Neuman, R, has vowed to conduct an investigation to determine if the surveillance was proper, according to published reports.
On Jan. 29, Leopold was found guilty of two counts of misconduct for directing his taxpayer-funded police protection detail to put up campaign signs, collect contributions and compile dossiers on adversaries during his 2010 re-election campaign. Leopold also required county workers to empty his urinary catheter bag he needed because of a back surgery.
Neuman was sworn in as county executive on Feb. 22, and on her first day in office she was informed of the surveillance system, published reports say. The contractor took Neuman to a room containing five video monitors that were receiving feeds from the video cameras. After being informed that the system was not under the control of law enforcement, Neuman fired the contractor and had the room sealed and the locks changed, according to reports.
All the cameras in the network are in the process of being identified and their usefulness is being reviewed, according to Neuman, who added once the investigation is complete the system will be placed under police control, published reports say.