AMX Unveils ‘Modero X’ Multi Preview Device

With source images lined up side-by-side, users can slide to one direction or another with a swipe
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AMX, a producer of hardware and software solutions, unveiled the Modero X Series Multi Preview (MXA-MP), which delivers preview images from as many as 10 video sources to AMX’s Modero X Series Multi Preview Live.

The products are designed to interface, according to AMX. By having source images lined up side-by-side, users can “easily slide (to) one direction or another with a swipe,” thereby simplifying the user experience, say AMX, which is headquartered in Richardson, Texas. The user does not have to know what content is on “PC 1” or “Laptop 2,” but can visualize the content and eliminate the guesswork, the company says.

The experience and the convenience for users that Multi Preview offers was a “key factor” in “the low profile design of the Modero X Series Touch Panels and the development of the ultra-wide panoramic interface,” AMX says.

The meeting room marketplace was closely studied to understand how to best support users, the company says. The solution was to integrate mobile phone and tablet touch type interfaces into the conference room, the firm says.

“Usability is a major factor driving the success of smartphones and tablets, and integrating that usability into our touch panels was at the top of the list in our design of the X Series,” said Robert Noble, AMX chief technology officer. “Integrating those kinds of capabilities opened up all kinds of cool opportunities. Multi Preview is just one of the first of many new features that capitalize on this functionality and we believe will reinvent the way meetings are run.”