AMX Implementation Programs Added to ViewSonic Projectors

Compatibility with AMX makes integration with controllers require little or no programming.
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AMX, a provider of solutions that simplify the implementation, maintenance and use of technology, has partnered with ViewSonic Corporation, a provider of projectors and other video equipment, to outfit a series of ViewSonic’s projectors with AMX technology, the companies says.

By outfitting ViewSonic’s PJD6 Series DLP projectors—comprised of the PJD6253, PJD6223 and PJD6553w projectors—with AMX technology, the equipment becomes compatible with AMX devices thereby making their integration with AMX controllers simple requiring little or no programming, the companies say.

Specifically designed for both classroom and corporate environments, ViewSonic’s network-enabled PJD6 Series projectors can be deployed with AMX controllers for campus-wide management with centralized control.

“We are very pleased to be a partner of the AMX InConcert Program,” said Roger Chien, ViewSonic’s projector product manager. “It demonstrates ViewSonic's commitment to the education and enterprise markets as all our new projectors will be certified with AMX going forward,” he added.

As a result of ViewSonic’s participation in the AMX InConcert Program, the PJD6 Series are the first of the company’s projectors to be AMX certified. The alliance creates benefits for installers, including “Device Discovery,” streamlining implementation and configuration of the projectors on the network, the companies say.

“Teaming up with another leading IT-AV company like ViewSonic is a win for integrators and end users because it makes installation and network management of corporate and educational deployments so simple,” said Robert Choate, AMX’s InConcert Program’s director. “AMX is sharply focused on delivering network-centric AV solutions for today’s converging technologies.”