AmberFin iCR Transcode Farm Controller and Network License Server

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AmberFin's new iCR Transcode Farm Controller builds on the company’s multinode transcode environment. By combining the Farm Controller with AmberFin’s Network Licensing Server, a larger scale model can be created with pools of transcode nodes that can dynamically float across the underlying server hardware and no longer require fixed node-to-server relationships.

AmberFin iCR’s Network License Server enables facilities to use the same technology in both a single standalone desktop PC running as the proof-of-concept, as well as in a network of 100 or more servers/blades/VMs. Each iCR node is installed from a single installer that contains the suite of iCR functionality. The license given to the node at run-time defines how that node will behave.

Another key feature of the Network License Server is its ability to ensure that a user’s full capacity is always online.