Airtame HDMI Device Streams Content from Laptop to TV

Can stream content from any computer when connected to Wi-Fi
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COPENHAGEN, DENMARK—Airtame is looking to give schools the ability to stream content from any computer to a screen/projector with its Airtame HDMI device. This wireless device plugs into the HDMI port of any screen or project and streams content from any computer when connected to the Wi-Fi network; it can also show presentations on tablets or smartphones.

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To use the Airtame device, consumers download the app and select the name of the meeting or classroom TV they are using. Full screen mirroring allows users to share work from Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook. With multiple Airtames, one display screen can be shared on many screens.

The Airtime also has a digital signage feature through its built-in web browser. This enables KPI dashboards, slideshows, customizable wallboards or websites to run independently on screens not traditional used for presenting. This allows Airtame users to display a dashboard on a screen without it hooking up to a dedicated laptop or computer.

With the Airtame mobile app, users control what parts of the presentation are shown via a presenter’s view with an overview of current and upcoming slides.

Airtame has its own cloud platform as well for remote management of devices. The cloud platform allows for the checking and diagnosis of devices, as well as the access and editing of settings. There is also a Cloud Bulk setting that enables the user to select several devices and edit them at once.

Airtame is now available.