Aimetis’ ‘Symphony Version 6.5’ is Available

Newest version offers enhanced scalability, availability and updated video analytics.
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Aimetis Corp., the Canadian producer of intelligent internet protocol (IP) video-management software, unveiled Aimetis Symphony Version 6.5, which offers enhanced scalability, availability and updated video analytics, the company says in a written statement.

Aimetis Symphony combines video management and video analytics in a unified software platform, and by analyzing video in real-time, organizations can achieve the desired business impact through timely and actionable information, the company says. Aimetis Symphony’s simple and straightforward licensing options offer flexibility, ease of use and a cost-effective entry point for the seamless migration to IP-surveillance, the company adds.

The features offered by Aimetis Symphony 6.5 are:

  • Scalability; with up to 300 cameras per server, the software helps users achieve new levels of hardware efficiency.
  • Availability; improved server farm options allow automatic server failover, reducing the risk of system failure.
  • Enhanced User Management; such enhanced management enables user groups; provides more granular rights and user profiles; and simplifies user management.
  • Video Walls; out-of-box video wall functionality reduces “video distribution” and display costs by leveraging COTS hardware.
  • Improved People Counter; offers better accuracy in busy environments.
  • Enhanced Business Intelligence Reporting; offers actionable information.

“We work closely with our partners to ensure Aimetis provides the leading-edge capabilities that their customers want for improved safety, security and operations,” said Marc Holtenhoff, Aimetis Corp’s CEO. "Symphony raises the bar where scalability, availability and flexibility is concerned."