A Change at the Top For Government Video

J.J. Smith welcomes readers' ideas, opinions, story proposals and yes, criticisms.
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Transitions are a normal part of government life. Every election cycle sees new faces win office, new appointments made, and new (or at least refocused) initiatives begun. Through each of those transitions, the work of public servants continues.

This issue of Government Video marks a transition, too. Sanjay Talwani has stepped down as editor to return to the world of newspaper reporting, and stepping into the top slot at Government Video and GV Expo is J.J. Smith.

— T. Carter Ross, Editorial Director

On Sept. 20, I assumed the editorship of those media outlets from Sanjay Talwani, who left NewBay Media to pursue daily journalism at a newspaper in Montana. I wish him well.

I have been a professional journalist since 1985, and I have a background in daily journalism. I have worked as a reporter and editor for organizations as diverse as United Press International, the Catholic News Service and the Society for Human Resource Management. I have also been a reporter for daily newspapers, including the Jamestown (N.Y.) Post-Journal, the Medina (N.Y.) Journal-Register, and an editor at the Lockport (N.Y.) Union-Sun & Journal.

During my career, I have covered topics and policy issues as diverse as religion, politics, substance abuse, homeland security, energy, immigration and workplace issues. Except for a hitch in the Marine Corps, I have not worked in government, yet I have written about government and politics from the local level, to the national level; I have never been a cleric, but I have reported on religious issues; and I have not worked in the energy field, but I have reported on the development of alternative fuels and efforts to reduce emissions produced by energy production. I have been able to successfully write about those issues by being open to the people whose lives were centered on those topics, and that is the approach I will take with Government Video.

I welcome readers ideas, opinions, story proposals, and yes, criticisms. Tell me what would you like to see covered; are there areas in the video field that could use more scrutiny; is government over-regulating, tell me and I might be able to shine a light on those areas. My direct phone number at NewBay Media is (703) 852-4640; my e-mail address is jjsmith@nbmedia.com, and I can be contacted through GovLoop. Please, do not hesitate to contact with a concern or request.

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