7thSense Design Unveils ‘Delta Nano’ Media Server

Unit called the solution for looping media
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7thSense Design, a British producer ofuncompressed media serving and projection solutions, unveils its “Delta Nano,” a media server that delivers full uncompressed 4:4:4 video looping playback.

Based on the core technology that drives 7thSense’s existing Delta range, Delta Nano comes in either a 1U rack-mount or small form-factor box chassis, and can store between five and 20 minutes of 4:4:4 video data, the company says. In addition, the unit has a single DVI/HDMI output and supports all standard frame-rates up to 30 frames per second (fps).

The new player takes the company into new market sectors, says Ian Macpherson, 7thSense’s managing director. “Delta Nano is the perfect solution in places where people watch just a few minutes of looping media, for example to support a museum exhibit, to run information points in theme parks and other attractions, or to drive kiosks in showroom and retail digital signage applications.

“For this reason we have kept everything simple,” Macpherson says. Delta Nano has a new, web-based user interface which is easy to use, so content houses can simply copy their uncompressed Targa (TGA) sequence output from After Effects or similar straight into the box, rather than go through laborious encode processing for MPG, he says.

Delta Nano is not aimed at multi-screen projection, but users can synchronize two or more Nanos together, so that multiple kiosks can play the same show simultaneously if required. There are also real-time warp and blend functions for display matching, according to Macpherson. Further, Delta Nano delivers stereo audio alongside the video content, while its built-in software, accessible in a browser-based graphic user interface (GUI) via the product’s built-in transmission control protocol/Internet protocol connection, offers an easy to use interface for rapid show creation, the company says.