3xLOGIC Releases New Thermal Camera and Time of Flight Camera

New VISIX security cams help shed light on low-light areas
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3xLOGIC VX-VT-36 Thermal Camera

WESTMINSTER, CO–3xLOGIC has released the VISIX VERA VX-VT-36 Thermal Camera and a people tracker device called the VISIX Time of Flight camera.

The 3xLOGIC VERA Thermal camera–in a rugged lightweight bullet design–comes with optional embedded VIGIL Server software that features edge-based recording, and optional analytics functions that feature object detection, detection behavior and speed filters. The thermal camera setup involves using QR code technology. The camera also offers a standalone IP video system with digital zooming capabilities.

The VISIX Time of Flight (TOF) camera is a people tracker device that uses 3D imaging range and distance mapping for processing scenes in real time. The TOF camera comes with 3xLOGIC’s advanced analytics suite embedded. The device is ideal for object tracking and for calculating wait time and queue management.