3VR Debuts ‘Video Intelligence Platform’

Now offers PSA member organizations video search and analytics that improve security effectiveness and operational efficiencies.
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3VR, the video intelligence company, debuts its “Video Intelligence Platform,” which is available through the electronic security cooperative PSA Security Network.

Currently, 3VR’s products enable more than 3.8 million hours of video a day to be searched and managed by customers. 3VR now offers PSA member organizations video search and analytics that improve security effectiveness, operational efficiencies and maximize returns on investment, the company said.

3VR’s Video Intelligence Platform transforms vast stores of raw video and data into rich, actionable information that can be quickly and comprehensively mined to fight crime, protect important assets and improve customer service and business efficiency, according to the company.

“3VR represents a unique offering for our members and their customers,” said Bill Bozeman, president and CEO of PSA. “3VR provides a true open platform that allows security professionals to search weeks of video in seconds and integrate with critical business and security systems, while lowering the overall cost of installation and maintenance.”

The partnership allows PSA members to offer their customers a solution that helps protect against fraud and shrinkage, solve automated teller machine (ATM) skimming cases, meet tough federal compliance requirements for reporting fraud and provide valuable business intelligence to better serve and retain customers, 3VR says.

The 3VR open platform makes it easy to transition from analog to IP video with a hybrid appliance, and offers simple installation and monitoring, configuration templates and remote health check of appliances and cameras, according to the company.