20 Remote TV Stations Deploying DAS’ Emergency Alert Platform

The DASDEC-II provides core EAS and CAP functionality in a small single-box design.
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Digital Alert Systems (DAS), a producer of “next-generation” “common alerting protocol” (CAP) and “emergency alert systems” (EAS), says its DASDEC-II emergency messaging platform is being deployed by 20 remote TV stations located throughout the United States.

Fusion Communications, a central casting, master control and production company, is deploying the DASDEC-II with EAS-Net and DASDEC-IR intelligent remotes to provide automatic, seamless emergency alerts for the 20 TV stations.

Headquartered in Davenport, Iowa, Fusion Communications' central casting and control services allow its contract stations to have a fully produced TV station with minimal investment in staff and equipment. To meet EAS/CAP compliance for each station, and to provide notifications quickly, Fusion sought an emergency messaging platform that could automatically communicate local alert data to the company’s Davenport facility, where it could be immediately sent out on air.

“When it comes to emergency alerts, the nature of our business poses a unique challenge,” said Jeff Lyle, president of Fusion Communications. “If an alert is issued locally for one of our stations, it needs to be sent to the operation center in Davenport before it can go out over the air,” he said. As witnessed by the recent tragedies in Joplin, Mo. and other communities, every second counts when an emergency alert is issued, he said. “So in addition to meeting EAS/CAP compliance, our alert process needed to be a seamless, flawless loop. And for that we turned to Digital Alert Systems’ DASDEC platform.”

Fusion has installed a DASDEC-IR unit in each remote station. The DASDEC-IR units automatically communicate EAS data via an IP network to the central DASDEC-II hosts at the Davenport facility via Digital Alert Systems’ exclusive EAS-NET communications protocol software. Each DASDEC in Davenport can handle up to five DASDEC-IR units by utilizing DAS’ MultiStation-5 software. From Davenport, Fusion can easily use DASDEC’s web-based user interface to monitor all messages and alerts for all 20 stations.

The DASDEC-II provides core EAS and CAP functionality in a small single-box design. It is available with integrated receivers; advanced hardware interfaces for easy adaptability to ever-evolving technology changes; simple software upgrades that do not require un-cabling, unracking, opening the case, removing parts and reassembling the system; and a network-centric perspective using common web browsers and leveraging common information exchange protocols.