1 Beyond ThunderTape 2 Thunderbolt LTO Storage Solution Now Shipping

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Boston, MA — 1 Beyond, a video product manufacturer, announced that the 1 Beyond ThunderTape 2, a Thunderbolt-connected LTO-6 drive with second device option, is now shipping. 1 Beyond's ThunderTape 2 is the company’s latest addition to its family of LTO archive solutions and is targeted at entry-level Macintosh users or small post-facilities that want a simple way to connect an archive tape drive to an existing Macintosh for a cost-effective LTO backup solution.

The 1 Beyond ThunderTape 2 succeeds the single LTO drive 1 Beyond ThunderTape, which was introduced in April 2013, as the first Thunderbolt LTO tape drive for Macintosh. By working with customers with different workflow requirements, 1 Beyond learned that most customers wanted more than a single LTO drive and therefore developed the ThunderTape 2 follow-on. Mac users with even more expansion needs can upgrade to the recently-announced 1 Beyond ThunderMAX expansion chassis.

The 1 Beyond ThunderTape 2 connects via Thunderbolt 2 to any Mac with Thunderbolt port. In its base configuration, the ThunderTape 2 includes a single LTO-6 drive and an empty bay which can be configured with an additional device when shipped or later as requirements dictate. It ships with LTFS drivers and a simple copy utility optimized for browsing and copying files to/from LTO tape which overcomes the limitation Finder has with LTO/LTFS tapes. Like the original ThunderTape, the ThunderTape 2 is housed in an all-metal, rugged and portable chassis with a convenient handle on top.

The second bay can be configured to hold:

  • A second LTO drive, either LTO-5 or LTO-6
  • A 4TB SAS high performance disk
  • A 1 Beyond GoHDCart removable disk cartridge (HDD or SSD)
  • Up to four 2.5-inch SSD or HDD configured in OS X as a RAID for fast performance

1 Beyond has been shipping LTO solutions since before LTFS came out and is a strategic partner of IBM and HP for the media and entertainment industry. In addition, 1 Beyond developed the specially-configured compliance checker for Discovery Communications to automate incoming inspection for the new LTO file-based footage delivery specifications.


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