For-A Highlighting Range of Video Production Units at GV Expo

Products will focus on four areas of productions
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WASHINGTON—For-A’s slate of products that are expected to make an appearance at the 2017 Government Video Expo cover a frameworks like resolution, transmission, dynamic-range/color-gamut and codecs. With its range of offerings, For-A is dividing its booth into four main areas of focus.

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One area is the advanced technology and line system applications section, which will feature mostly broadcasting and transmission systems, as well as SDI and IP interface products. Among the products to be shown within this area are the MBP-1000VS-12G multichannel video server, the MBP-1000VS-IP system, the IP gateway USF-10IP series, VWS-1000-IP character generator, ESG-4110 4K test signal generator and a prototype of the new MFR-6000 routing switcher.

There will be a studio and news applications area that will focus on news production systems, including video switchers, routing switchers, multiviewers, processors and systems in 4K, HDR and wide color gamut. Products will include the HVS-6000 12G-SDI and 4K supported video switcher, the FA-9600 multi-purpose signal processor, the MXR-400 ingest encoder, the MV-4320 12G-SDI supported multiviewer, the LMCC-8000 8K/4K linear matrix color converter and ESG-4100 12G-SDI supported 4K test signal generator.

The third area of focus at GV Expo will be events and sports applications, with a spotlight on the FT-ONE-LS full 4K variable frame rate camera, ZE-ONE-4K zoom extractor, RFC-ONE real-time flash corrector and FC-ONE flicker corrector. Other camera technologies to be shown include the VFC-7000A variable frame rate camera and Flovel HBC-3600 ultra-high sensitivity camera. In addition, the FVW-700-4K 4K/HD telestrator and InSync MCC-4K motion compensated converter.

Graphics rounds out For-A’s areas of focus, with a closer look at CG platforms, virtual studios and file-based products. For-A will showcase its VWS-4K and EzV-300 character generators, MBP-200TB2 CG Player with Thunderbolt 2 interface and ACK-3000 advanced 3D chroma keyer. The Mo-Sys StarTracker real-time camera tracking system, Brainstorm Infinity Set advanced virtual system and VRCAM-NX sensor-less virtual studio system highlight For-A’s virtual studio applications.

For-A will be located at booth 530 during the 2017 GV Expo, which runs from Nov. 28-30.


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