Element Technica Intros V-DOCK Accessory Mounting System for RED One

The V-DOCK main assembly anchors securely anywhere on a single 15mm or 19mm iris rod.
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Users of the RED One and other cinema-quality digital cameras can forget the gaffer tape and Velcro for attaching camera accessories. Element Technica has introduced V-DOCK, a mounting system that includes a main assembly featuring a female V-Lock interface and a spring-loaded split clamp. A separate male V-LOCK attaches to accessories to allow fast and easy mounting.

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Element Technica V-DOCK

The V-DOCK main assembly anchors securely anywhere on a single 15mm or 19mm iris rod. Once in place, it’s a simple matter to add any item equipped with the male V-LOCK. Thanks to the V-DOCK’s convenient quick release mechanism, removal of accessories takes only seconds.

One popular use of the V-DOCK is for the Element Technica RED Drive Shock Mount System. When combined with the ISO-Plate shock mount, it greatly expands the range of shooting conditions for the RED Drive by eliminating dropped frames in many situations where one would normally only use a Compact Flash card. It is easily converted to a rigid mount for the RED RAM by substituting the individual shocks for stainless fasteners.

When teamed with the Element Technica Aluminum Battery Interface Plate, V-DOCK provides a secure and easy way to mount the power source anywhere along the camera’s 15mm or 19mm rods. And, the system can also be attached directly to the shoulder pad frame on Element’s Mantis handheld kit.

With the addition of Element’s V-DOCK AJA mounting plate, the V-DOCK system offers a quick and convenient way to install any AJA mini-converter on the camera rig. And V-DOCK also enables the mounting of the Preston Cinema MDR2 or other popular lens controls.

The V-DOCK accessory mounting system is available in 15mm and 19mm models and starts at $250.00.

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