British Bus CCTV Aims to Predict Assaults

It would combine live pictures with data and alert system controllers.
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According to a report on the BBC Website, British officials are working on CCTV security systems they say could soon spot behavior on a bus indicating an assault about to happen.

In the wake of a report that Britain’s millions of cameras weren’t doing enough to fight crime, this plan would combine live pictures with data and alert system.

“Although much of the work is currently at the theoretical stage, the team from the university's newly-founded [sic] Centre for Secure Information Technologies predict that within five years their software will be able to profile people as they board a bus,” the BCC reported.

The system would note behavior and connect it with more general data on the bus's location, time of day and historic crime rates.

The system could send live pictures to controllers, who could consider intervention.

The story says the system would consider possible signs of impending crime including moving seats; closing in on a passenger; groups of young men being present; shouting at a driver; people falling; and people loitering on stairwells

There’s lot more in the BBC story here.