Looking forward to the January issue of Government Video

With December's issue now done, it's time to focus on January.
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With the December 2013 issue of Government Video magazine finally put to bed, work on the January issue is coming up quickly. Among other content, the January issue will have a post-show report on GV Expo 2013 that will fill in some of the details for you regarding what happened and was shown at the show. One of the more interesting articles is shaping up to be about shooting video as a "one-man band," for which I contributed some quotes. (I do most of my shooting in one-man band mode, and I always have lots of opinions!)

It turns out that 2014 is the 25th year of operation for Government Video, so I may try to get some retrospective and celebratory content about that for an issue later in the year. This milestone was just pointed out to me today, and I will think about how to note it on the pages of the magazine.

If you didn't know it, Government Video published a weekly newsletter that covers topics of interest to the industry. Since starting at GV in August, I've worked on pumping some life into GV's web page and newsletter. If you don't already subscribe, you can sign up here: GV's weekly e-mail newsletter. It's free, so what do you have to lose?

Take care!

Bob Kovacs