Back from the GV Expo

I'm back from the GV Expo, and I had a great time.
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I'm back from the GV Expo, and I had a great time. It was excellent to see so many people there and get a chance to talk with dozens of you. Between being on my feet a lot at the show, and carrying essential stuff needed to/from the show (boxes of magazines, raffle prizes, etc.), I was pretty worn out last night. That's as it should be, however.

I got a good look at all three GV Expo keynote speeches (Rodney Grubbs (NASA), Andre Mendes (Broadcasting Board of Governors) and Sam Sills (NYC Administration for Children's Services)) and thought they were terrific. NASA's use of 4K cameras (and beyond!) is fascinating... really cutting-edge stuff. Andre Mendes' talk about the international reach of the BBG was eye-opening. Did you know that, a few years ago, entities in China literally had control of most of BBG's servers for several months? Wow! And Sam Sills demonstrated that there is great compassion for children who might otherwise be lost to dysfunctional families and too-rigid bureaucracies, and video plays a role in keeping the system transparent. I liked all three talks.

I also got a chance to play and sing a silly song before Sam Sills' presentation. (See photo.) I think it went over well, but I will put it on YouTube for those of you who didn't see it -- you can decide then.

I will have more to write about the GV Expo, but wanted to get started with this.

Bob Kovacs