The guy with the funny ties

I'm easy to find - I'm the guy with the funny ties.
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Government Video Expo kicks off tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited about it. I have a lot of things to do, including snipping the opening ribbon, introducing the keynote speakers, running the raffle and visiting many of the booths. Somewhere along the way, Government Video magazine will pick our annual awards, called the Government Video Salutes. I will have a hand in picking the honored companies and products, as will my TV Technology colleague, James O'Neal.

James is a walking/talking government video museum by himself, having worked for decades at Voice of America. He has many interesting stories to tell of wonderful video projects that he did around the world for the State Department and VoA, and is an acknowledged expert in the history of broadcasting. I can't think of a better choice to have on the Government Video Salute team.

As for me, I will be easy to spot if you look for my ties. I wear a tie to work most days, and have come to appreciate the fun and style of an interesting tie. The photo above is a peacock's tail of some of my favorite ties from my closet, and I will be sure to wear a couple at the GV Expo. If you see a middle-aged guy flying by wearing an eye-catching tie, that's probably me.

Why wear unusual ties? I can give you a few reasons, but perhaps the biggest is that it makes it easier to remember me. I can tell you that, "I'm the guy with the car pinned to his tie," or "I'll be wearing a rock 'n roll guitar tie." Either way, it's easy to remember.

Another big reason for wearing a fun tie is that it leaves faces full of smiles in its wake. There's nothing at all wrong with smiling, even at a serious business meeting. In fact, that's where smiles might be needed the most.

So look for the guy with the ties... that will be me.

Bob Kovacs