It's time to make a video -- just do it!

Don't wait for special training or the right time -- just do it now.
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I make a lot of videos and upload them to YouTube. I've wanted to make videos since I first started working in television in my 20s, even though I was in the engineering side of TV back then. The idea of shooting and displaying my own video was in the back of my mind then, but realizing it was impossible. In 1980, the gear needed for shooting and editing video was expensive, finicky and not very good. And I would have been laughed out the door of any place that might have been able to show my videos to a wider audience.

Fast forward to 2006 and I suddenly realized that every digital camera had the ability to shoot decent-quality video, much better video than professional video gear in the 1980s could accomplish. I started shooting video clips and editing them using Microsoft's free Movie Maker program. A couple years later, it dawned on me that I could upload videos to YouTube and let the world find them -- and since 2009, I've probably made and posted more than 450 videos to YouTube.

If you want to make video, my advice is to simply do it. Shoot with your camera -- any camera -- and edit it with one of the many free and/or low-cost editing programs out there. My editing program of choice is Corel VideoStudio, which I consider semi-pro. When I have video that won't work in VideoStudio for some reason, I use Sony Vegas 12. However, I know my way around VideoStudio MUCH more than Vegas, so my default is VideoStudio. Heck, I've even made tutorials about advanced techniques in VideoStudio. Here is one:

So don't take a class -- just pick up your camera and start shooting. Think about what you'd want to see, and get those shots. Ask people to stand where you need them to stand and watch where the light comes from to get the best images. Pay careful attention to the techniques for good audio... closer is almost always better. Just shoot, shoot, shoot and edit, edit, edit. Then upload to a video service and let the world see them.

If you want to do it, there's no better time than now.

Bob Kovacs