Back from the ISC show and looking for jokes

Back from the ISC show, now I'm looking for a couple good jokes for GVE2013.
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I attended the ISC East show in New York on Wednesday. First thing in the morning, a group of us went to the Statue of Liberty to take a tour of the new video security system that went online on July 4 of this year. (The Statue's grounds and most of its infrastructure was badly damaged in Hurricane Sandy in Oct. 2012.) The new system was interesting to see -- the photo to the right shows one of the 1080p camera units just outside one of the buildings.

There were interesting things to see at the ISC East show, as well. I got some very good demos from IPVideo, Canon and Axis Communications, and spoke to many of the vendors.

Now that I'm back, we have the full-court press on to get everything done for the GV Expo, which is on Dec. 4-5 this year. I will be doing a fair amount of speaking at the GV Expo, and I always like telling a few jokes. With that in mind, I'd like to get a couple of good general crowd-friendly jokes from you, my readers. So please leave a meeting friendly joke or two in the comment section below. I have a couple jokes in mind already, but a couple more are always good. Maybe I'll even give you credit.


Bob Kovacs