Facility reports

Take a look at the new "Facility Reports" section on GV's web site.
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With the help of NewBay Media's IT team, we just established a new section on Government Video's web site: Facility Reports. Although we have a couple of bugs yet to work out, you can read the first facility report here: Automation at public access station CTN.

Since I started at Government Video three months ago, I've been promising to have more content about government facilities and to write more about what you are doing. The Facility Reports section is one step in that direction, and I encourage you to write up your facility, take a photo of it, and send the package to me. I'll take a look at it, tweak the editing (I promise to be gentle!) and post it in the Facility Reports section. Not only will you be taking a bow on the Internet, you will help your fellow government operators with your wisdom and experience.

So send in your stories... we now have a place to put 'em!

Bob Kovacs