Canon XA25 camcorder... and valve cover gaskets

I made a video of me replacing my car's valve cover gaskets, using the new Canon XA25 camcorder.
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As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I make a lot of videos and post them to YouTube. Many of these are "how-to" videos, which I've learned can attract a decent numbers of views. I'm also a pretty good backyard auto mechanic, so when you put the two together, making a how-to video on a mechanical project is a natural.

A couple of weekends ago, I started a project to fix some oil leaks in my otherwise reliable and trusty 1995 Subaru Legacy. The first project I did was to replace the car's valve cover gaskets, a relatively easy project that's not nearly as complicated as you might think.

I posted the video to YouTube last night. Canon has loaned me one of its new XA25 camcorders, so I decided to use it for this project. Virtually all the video you see was shot with the XA25. For audio, I used a combination of an Audio-Technica ATR6550 shotgun mic and the camera's own built-in mics. (All the shots where I'm standing up and talking used the A-T shotgun, while the camera's built-in mic handled all the close-up shots.)

The camera and microphones worked very well... I plan to have a full review of the Canon XA25 in the Dec. issue of Government Video. In the meantime, you can watch my video here:

Bob Kovacs