Sad end for a vibrant competitor

Broadcast Engineering magazine has folded.
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I've been in the television industry for a long time, and have seen many magazines come and go. One of my favorites was always Broadcast Engineering magazine, which had an intelligent mix of technical content and interesting advertising. Although I couldn't always get on the subscriber list, I enjoyed every copy that I could scrounge. I was proud that, in the last couple of years, I had ghostwritten a couple of articles that made it into BE.

Last week, Broadcast Engineering's web site announced that the October 2013 issue would be its last -- the only remaining competitor standing is TV Technology (which is a sister publication to Government Video). It really is sad to see BE go like this. However, we all know that it is tough times for print publications, as readers now virtually demand that all content be online and essentially free.

We will soldier on at NewBay Media, even if something is lost when a strong competitor drops out of the race. Wish us all good luck... and subscribe to the print version of Government Video if you don't already. We need every one of you.

Bob Kovacs