What would you like to win at the Government Video Expo?

Everyone likes to win something cool. What would you like to win?
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We already have some cool raffle prizes lined up for the Government Video Expo this year, including two valuable signal conversion devices, awesome editing/effects software and excellent video production gear. I'm hoping to add more gear and some on-target books for raffle items as well.

If you had your choice, what items would you like to see in the raffle? What exceedingly desirable item would keep you at the Expo until the bitter end, hoping against hope that your name will be called as the winner? (Keep in mind that you must be present at the raffle to win the item -- I've seen a few people lose out on great stuff because they weren't present when their names were called.) Would you like a video camcorder? A tripod? A lighting kit? Certificates for training? What raffle item will get you excited?

Drop me a line in the comment section below and I'll take your thoughts under advisement. Chances are that if you think it's a great raffle prize, I will too.

Bob Kovacs