Web Conferencing Firm Issues Statement on Videoconferencing Bill

Proposed legislation supports ‘the goal of saving taxpayer dollars’
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In response to the bill seeking to cut U.S.-agencies travel expenses by having the White House Office of Management and Budget monitor the agencies to ensure federal employees are using video conferencing for meetings rather than travelling to far locations, Brother Online, a Web conferencing firm, issued a statement.

The statement is by Dan Waldinger, director of marketing, solutions and services for Brother International. It says:

“We completely understand the goals of the ‘Cut the Waste, Stay in Place Act of 2013;’ by eliminating the need to bring everyone to a central location, you help support the goal of saving taxpayer dollars.

“However, when choosing a videoconferencing service, agencies should consider their ultimate goal. For example, some top-secret agencies may have greater security or compliance needs, while other entities may put greater emphasis on video quality or collaboration features. Agencies should choose a provider that best fits their needs.”

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