No Answers From the Alliance for Community Media’s Leadership

Stokstad has never returned a call from Government Video
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Government Video has made several attempts to contact Keri Stokstad, the Alliance for Community Media’s chair, leaving the same phone number for her to call to provide some answers to questions concerning the Coulter Companies’ (the management firm that oversees the day-to-day operation of the ACM) decision to end its contract with the alliance. After leaving a message on Monday (Feb. 25), I called again today (Feb. 27) and I was informed Stokstad is on vacation and won’t be back in her office until March 4.
Since becoming chair, Stokstad has never returned a call from Government Video. Not one.
The same can be said about Sylvia Strobel, who the ACM calls its executive director, but who in reality is a Coulter Companies’ employee. So the questions here are, does Strobel (who is a Coulter Companies’ vice president) participate in ACM policymaking? If so, is that a position for someone who is basically hired to be an office manager? If Stobel is more than an office manager, wouldn’t getting her job through Coulter Companies be a conflict of interest?
Those are some of the questions that Stokstad, or any other members of the ACM’s board should provide answers to.