Volicon Module Now Tracking On-Demand and Interactive Services

Volicon Observor monitors and logs multiple channels and can search for specific content including audio stamps. 
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Volicon has announced the Interactive Services Module (ISM) for the Observer RPM (Remote Program Monitor), the company's post set-top box video service assurance solution for cable, IPTV, mobile, and satellite video service providers. The new module lets operators test the quality of not only linear services, but also on-demand and interactive content and advertising.

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Volicon Observor "By providing automated, periodic interactive service verification along with a 24x7 log, operators can assure the availability of and customer experience with these new critical services," said Andrew Sachs, senior director of marketing for Volicon.

The Observer RPM gives operators a post-STB access point for monitoring and troubleshooting video content via analytics, IR command scripting, integration with transport stream analyzers, and full-frame rate/resolution continuous recording. The ISM adds decision making logic, scripting, and graphical pattern matching that enables monitoring of network/station bugs, interactive media guides, direct commerce and voting/polling applications, words and graphics in interactive menus, as well as detection and activation of telescoping advertising bugs. Users can write scripts that enable testing of interactive or on-demand services.

Volicon Observor monitors and logs multiple channels and can search for specific content including audio stamps. The Mexican elections authority, for example, uses Volicon to monitor more than 2,300 channels to check compliance with election laws.

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