Barco Lauches New Rear-Projection LED Walls for Control Rooms

Advanced cooling system, Sense6 calibration and stabilization technology make LED projection ready for 24/7 use.
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Barco’s new OL series of video walls come with “Sense6,” the company’s sensor technology, which co-ordinates across multiple rear-projection modules to provide brightness and color stability across the entire wall—requiring no maintenance or manual adjustments.

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Barco OL series

The new walls, aimed at 24/7 control room applications, also have a liquid cooling system for longer LED life and quieter operation.

It also has a space-saving cube design (only 450mm, or 17 inches, on a side) and front access option, and is designed for fast setup and configuration.

“Barco's LED video wall has been developed based on a long heritage of LED expertise, since we have been designing and producing LED signage since the nineties,” comments Mathieu Massart, Director Product Management of Barco's Displays technology unit. “As an illustration, today, we process more than two million LEDs every week. So, we know LED and its characteristics like no other company. This way, we have been able to considerably improve the existing LED rear-projection state of the art and we have succeeded in significantly optimizing image quality, ease of use and cost of ownership.”

Barco says LED projection technology has allowed for a much more environment-friendly approach, since the illumination unit has less integrated consumable parts and because, contrary to UHP lamps, LEDs contain no mercury.

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