Video: In a Hurry, Datavideo Mobile Studio Helps Small Station

The KGEM production crew put the MS-900 into service with a parade just two days away.
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In the community of Monrovia, near Los Angeles, nonprofit KGEM handles video production for city meetings and community events. It recently retired its production truck and with an impending city parade just days away, they had to come up with a solution fast.

The city chose the MS-900 Mobile Studio. After a short visit to Datavideo’s office to get some pointers, the production crew put the MS-900 into service with the parade just two days away.

Check out the station's video about the MS-900:

The crew appreciated that the MS-900 could be easily carried and placed on a tabletop positioned very close to where the parade would pass by (something they couldn’t do with the old production truck) and the mobile studio could be set up quickly. With its large pull-out monitor capable of displaying previews simultaneously for all cameras as well as the program out feed, the director was able to direct the camera operators to ideal positions to catch all the action using the MS-900’s intercom system, and the entire event was captured on the built-in hard disk video recorder.

After the event, the parade video from the MS-900’s hard disk recorder was scheduled to appear on the local access channel and the video was also compressed into an MPEG-4 video file and posted to the cities website for on-demand viewing of the parade.

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