The Times Looks at CrimeDex, Mocks ‘Unhip' Police

CrimeDex, a photo-video exchange, has more than 1,000 customers.
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The story starts out with some ridicule. But after that, The New York Times took a look Sunday at police use of social-networking applications and a large photo-video exchange site to catch criminals.

The Times story describes a police department posting a surveillance video of a crime on Facebook, which worked as an electronic “Wanted” poster.

The article also describes CrimeDex, a site where dues-paying members can post and compare photos and videos of crimes and suspects. That site is owned by San Francisco-based 3VR.

The Times said CrimeDex is used by more than 1,000 law enforcement agencies and private businesses.

The reporter notes that supporters of these technologies tout the term “Law Enforcement 2.0,” and he reveals that he finds the term “slightly cringe-inducing.”

“Like unhip adults late to adopt a fad, police departments and other law enforcement agencies are jumping on the social networking bandwagon,” he wrote.