Stewart AcoustiShade Keeps out the Distractions

Noise and light and can foul up even the best video projection system.
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Noise and light and can foul up even the best video projection system. Now Stewart Filmscreen has shed light on the patents-pending AcoustiShade, designed to control noise and black out sunlight .

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The AcoustiShade open, half-open and shut

It complements Stewart's existing line of roller screens.

The AcoustiShade is comprised of three main elements: a sound attenuating blackout layer that keeps light and exterior noise from entering the display area; a decorative face fabric that reduces noise resonance; and an air space with proven acoustical benefit.

It has offers a single-motor rolling baton system that elegantly deploys both the sound attenuating black-out layer and the decorative fabric, the company says.

That’s one of the pending patents. The other is for Stewart’s Magnetic Blackout & Attenuation Assist (MBAA), which ensures a tight seal on two sides between the shade and side chambers that not only holds the shade fabric more firmly, and completely seals outside light and helps further reduce exterior noise, but also stops both cold and hot air drafts from the outside.

The AcoustiShade is delivered fully pre-assembled allowing the installer to simply remove the shade system from its shipping container, place it into the window with out further adjustments, and make the necessary electrical connections. It’s available now in a variety of colors and virtually any custom size.

Stewart is showing the AcoustiShade at CEDIA Expo in Atlanda, Sept. 10-13.

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