Sennheiser Launches its First Ear-Worn Mics, and P!NK Likes Them

The Ear Set 1 and Ear Set 4 are designed for stage shows, broadcasting studios and presentations.
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Sennheiser launched its first single-sided, ear-worn microphones at InfoComm 2010. The Ear Set 1 and Ear Set 4 are designed for stage shows, broadcasting studios and presentations.

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Sennheiser Ear Set 1 Both Ear Sets use capsules already proven in live production and broadcasting: The Ear Set 1 features the omni-directional capsule of Sennheiser's smallest clip-on microphone, the MKE 1, and the Ear Set 4 features the cardioid capsule of Sennheiser's HSP 4 headset microphone.

Ear Set 1 is particularly insensitive to pop and wind noise and therefore easy to handle; the Ear Set 4 is an ideal choice for loud stage environments where it effectively suppresses ambient noise and offers excellent feedback rejection. The mics even work for pop stars hanging from a trapeze--at least for P!NK, who gave them a whirl in rehearsal for her recent Funhouse tour and liked them enough to use them on the tour.

“The Ear Set is the first small microphone that is just as loud under live conditions and sounds just as good as a handheld microphone," said engineer Horst Hartmann. "Nothing like this was available before. Compromises always had to be made, either in terms of the comfort of the artist when wearing it or as far as the sound was concerned, because the lack of volume necessitated harsh equalization, and the sound always suffered as a result.”

P!NK used the mic while performing stunts on a trapeze, right in front of speakers, with no feedback.

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P!NK puts the Ear Set 4 through the Funhouse. Photo by Luke Green. The new Ear Sets can be used with all Sennheiser wireless systems; there are Sennheiser three-pin connectors for the Sennheiser 2000, 3000 and 5000 professional series or a 3.5 mm jack for pocket transmitters in the evolution wireless series.

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