Oops… NYC Subway Cams Fail to Record

It's another embarrassment for the New York City security and surveillance apparatus.
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Don't bother smiling for the cameras in the subways of New York City--the Daily news is reporting that new cameras in the subways aren't recording.

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New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg The paper reported that some 910 cameras, designed to track New Yorkers as they pass through the turnstiles of 32 stations, won't be wired to recording devices until June.

That will bring the price of the venture to $21.3 million, or $23,000 per camera, the paper reported. Meanwhile, the Bloomberg Administration has been working to lay off thousands of teachers and police officers, close fire stations, and eliminate or reduce many other city services.

The paper says the project has had repeated snafus and is three years behind schedule.

After the attempted SUV-bomb in Times Square, New York officials have called for more cameras in the nation's largest city, and Mayor Mike Bloomberg visited London to check out the system there.

The Daily News has much more here.

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