Atlanta Plans to Add 500 Surveillance Cams Through Broadband Program

The system would create 69 new jobs.
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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Saturday that the city is applying for federal stimulus grant money to add 500 surveillance cameras to the couple of dozen it has now.

Total cost: $13.7 million, plus $3.2 million annually for maintenance. The system would create 69 new jobs, the paper said.

The city is applying for the funds through the federal Broadband Technology Opportunities Program. The U.S. Commerce Department has the final word on the grant allocations.

If implemented, the Atlanta system would join Chicago (2,000-plus cameras), Baltimore (480) and New York among large American cities with significant public surveillance systems, although those cities also boast vibrant street life and pedestrian activity. Officials in those cities have said the cameras have helped solve and reduce crimes.

The Atlanta cams be able to use software for license plate identification and gunfire location, the AJC said.

There’s much more pro and con in the AJC story here.

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