New ‘Exmor’ Technology Lets Sony IP Cams See More in the Dark

With Exmor, the camera captures multiple images to reproduce each frame.
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Sony is adding to its HD network camera lineup with the SNC-CH140 fixed camera and SNC-DH140 mini dome camera, the first to incorporate the company’s new Exmor CMOS image sensor technology.

With Exmor, the camera captures multiple images to reproduce each frame (the "View-DR" feature). One image is taken using a standard exposure time and either one or three images are taken using very short exposure times depending on the camera type. This optimizes the cameras’ ability to capture high quality images in harsh lighting conditions.

“With various segments of the security industry adopting high definition video solutions, we incorporated the Exmor CMOS imager in our new cameras for its ability to capture high-resolution images in the most challenging environments, including high-contrast lighting situations, ” said Miguel Lazatin of Sony Electronics’ security division. “In contrast to many other sensor technologies in the industry that discard approximately half of the data collected during image capture, the newly developed View-DR algorithm makes it possible for the camera’s high-speed sensor to convert all of the electrons from the light captured by the imager. As a result, View-DR nearly doubles the sensitivity of the new cameras making the capture of high-quality HD images possible in almost any lighting environment.”

The new cameras also offer improved noise reduction performance, using Sony’s XDNR technology. Under low-light conditions, XDNR selectively uses 2D and 3D noise reduction methods to provide clear images for both moving objects and still sections of an image.

To provide end-users with a wide number of options, the new cameras support dual-streaming in H.264, MPEG-4, or JPEG compression formats. The cameras deliver 16:9 HD (1280x720p) resolution at 30 fps.

The cameras will be available in winter 2010.

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