NAB2010: NewTek Flashes TriCaster With 22-Channel Mixer

 TriCaster lets a single operator or small team create sophisticated productions.
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NewTek added to its line of TriCaster line of compact high-definition portable live production systems with the TCXD850, featuring a 22-channel switcher with eight HD or SD digital or analog inputs, two DDRs, titles, stills, two network inputs and eight virtual/mix channels. ?

TriCaster lets a single operator or small team create sophisticated productions, switching between multiple cameras, virtual inputs and live virtual sets, while inserting clips, titles and motion graphics with multi-channel effects.


A portable NewTek TriCaster, with monitor and satellite dish, outside the 2010 NABShow

Other features of the 4 RU unit include:

?• Advanced overlay capabilities include rotation, positioning and scaling in 3D plus animated effects
?• New live virtual sets in HD include double box effects with options for stand-up and one or two presenters
?• Photorealistic LiveMatte virtual sets system with advanced matte generation and spill suppression for every switcher input
?• Two network inputs deliver graphics from LiveText, presentations from a PC or Mac® using iVGA or other computer sources to the switcher or overlay channels
?• Simultaneous monitoring of all switcher inputs at full field-rate and signal integrity verification with color Waveform/Vectorscopes
?• Using any combination of either embedded digital, AES or the16 balanced analog XLR audio inputs to bring in microphones, stereo or quad line level sources
?• Audio mixing capabilities with audio follows video support and auxiliary routing to integrate into an external audio setup
?• HDMI and VGA program outputs for projector (IMAG) or other monitoring applications
?• 36 hours of 1080i recording capacity that can be extended by using the three removable drive bays
?• Three video output rows for flexible simultaneous HD and SD video output
?"TriCaster TCXD850 takes the TriCaster product line to a new level of performance, introducing a rack mount system with significant new capabilities, at all levels of production," said Andrew Cross, executive vice president, engineering, NewTek. "This latest TriCaster continues to change expectations about what is possible in HD live production, enabling producers to deliver compelling live events, successfully engage their audience and create new revenue streams."

TriCaster production of a Homeland Security conference was featured in Government Videohere.

And NewTek is also being used to stream the 140 Characters Conference (dealing with Twitter and other "social media" issues) in New York City April 20-21.

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