LTO-5 Format Brings More Speed, Capacity to Long-Term Archiving

Is tape dead? Not in the world of long-term, secure archiving.
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Is tape dead? Not in the world of long-term, secure archiving. In fact, speed and capacity for long-term formats are still growing!

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FOR-A LTR 100HS The latest iteration in the LTO standard (LTO stands for linear tape-open, meaning open standards), LTO-5, has nearly double the capacity of LTO-4, which came out just about three years ago. And that was double the capacity of LTO-3.

The new cartridges have a capacity of 1.5 TB (LTO-4 had 800 GB), with an uncompressed data transfer rate of 140 MBps. That’s 50 hours of 50 MBps video. And it has an expected shelf life of 30 years.

Some products are coming down the pipe with the new technology. At the NAB Show, FOR-A introduced a Video Archive Recorder that supports the new standard. The company says the LTR-100HS is part of FOR-A’s Media Concierge system workflow of content management. It’s a combination of LTO tape technology and FOR-A's baseband and MXF file technologies, aimed at anyone with video content to move into a file-based storage system architecture.”

FOR-A says the LTR-100HS will also make archiving workflow easy and space-efficient. The unit comes with an MPEG-2 codec, and an MXF wrapper/un-wrapper, so MXF files recorded to LTO-5 tape can be used directly by many NLE systems.

Cache-A also has an LTO-5 product coming, the Pro-Cache5. Both the Pro-Cache5 and its predeceesor, the Pro-Cache4 offer an internal 2 TB of RAID configurable as either striped for maximum speed (RAID 0) or for data redundancy with mirrored reliability (RAID 1). With additional ExpressCard and eSATA connections, it’s designed for the fast archiving of direct connected storage.

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Cache-A ProCache5 The Pro-Cache platform can be upgraded to control robotic libraries. With a library upgrade, users can archive across multiple cartridges automatically and retrieve content over the network without manual intervention. With dozens of cartridges automatically accessible in the library, it can manage more than 100TB of shelf-stored content.

Look for more LTP-5 products coming in the upcoming months.

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