Leightronix Simplifies Video Documentation with New DVR

It's designed for when reliable video documentation is critical
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Leightronix has introduced the LABvault-SD, a new digital video recording device that captures incoming video and audio from an external source and automatically transfers the resulting digital media file to multiple destinations for archiving, Internet video-on-demand, intranet review, and more.

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Leightronix LABvault-SD and optional touchscreen interface It's designed for when reliable video documentation is critical, such as education/training reviews, litigious situations, employee interviews, laboratory processes, and medical procedures. .

Newly created digital media files can be viewed immediately on a local playback monitor after a recording is complete. After review, files can then be tagged for automatic transfer over a network or the Internet to a broadcast, streaming, and/or archive server. The LABvault-SD can also send files to multiple destinations automatically.

Destinations include the Leightronix Nexus series broadcast servers, Leightronix LGX-SVOD intranet streaming video-on-demand servers, third-party archive servers capable of FTP transfer, and LABvault.TV, a new LEIGHTRONIX Web media hosting and streaming video-on-demand site.

A built-in Web interface allows for easy system setup and control using a standard browser.

The LABvault-SD supports direct interfacing with external control systems, including touchscreen control interfaces from Creston and AMX.

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