Intelligen Keeps Unauthorized Eyes off Your Laptop

 They also reduce glare and eyestrain.
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Google may see everything you're doing on your computer, but that doesn't mean the guy next to you in the airport waiting area has to.

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ViewGuard Privacy Filter on Dell XPS M1330 To keep wandering eyes away from your laptop, Intelligen has expanded its line of ViewGuard Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protectors.

They also reduce glare and eyestrain, the company says.

Intelligen has more than one hundred standard and custom sizes for even unusual computer monitor models, attaching directly to the surface of LCD screens.

ViewGuard product lines include: Frameless Privacy Filters for notebooks, laptops and flat-screen monitors; Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protectors; Crystal Clear High-Gloss Screen Protectors; LCD TV Anti-Glare Filters; LCD Screen Cleaning Wipes; and Keyboard and Mouse Cleaning Wipes.

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