InfoComm 09: projectiondesign Promises Energy Savings With New LED Projector

The company says power consumption is reduced by a minimum of 50 percent compared to a standard dual-lamp projector.
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From Norway, projectiondesign is coming to InfoComm with its first LED-based projection system, the FL32, promising low maintenance and ultra-low energy consumption.

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projectiondesign FL32

Anders Løkke, international marketing and communications manager at projectiondesign, said power consumption is reduced by a minimum of 50 percent as compared to a standard dual-lamp projector, making it one of the most efficient, scalable and durable systems available. “The owner does not have to replace any lamps during the projectors working life time making it completely failsafe and ideal for 24/7 operation,” he said.

He said the FL32 would save $25,840 (20,000 Euros) in costs compared to a dual-lamp projector.

The FL32 can be used in any configuration including front and rear projection applications and can tackle advanced visualization technologies. A range of lenses is available for use with the projector including ultra-wide for added installation flexibility.

projectiondesign will be at InfoComm 09 in Orlando June 17-19 in Booth #3761.